Trying to install LCS 2005 SP1 for the second time. Both times have had the same error. The first time it was on an old machine that had lots of stuff on it. I figured something was messed, so I rebuilt it and installed it on a completely clean 2003 SP2 server. This is the standard edition.

Everything installs fine but when I go to activate the server I get: "The specified pool already exists and has a version that can not be upgraded" and the service will not start giving "0xc3cec78e1

Anyone have any idea what this means I haven't seen any posts about it.

I am posting here because this area had an unrelated LCS pool issue discussed.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 - specified pool already exists error

MS ISV Buddy Team

Hi Andy,

Per our support engineer:

Please inform the ISV to change the machine name and try once again.

If this does not work, please email us at with your contact details as we may need to escalate to the LCS team.

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)