Hi there,

I would like to render a particular access Report in my MDB as a PDF - either by automation from VB6 or from Access VBA.

I have downloaded the "Save as PDF / XPS" add-on for Office 2007, so can manually save a report as PDF from Access now.

However, attempts to work out how to do this in code have so far drawn a blank. RunCommand does not seem to be able to access this particular functionality.

Could anybody point me in the direction of a solution

Many thanks.

Richard Fewster

Re: Access 2007 - "Save as PDF" from VBA / automation



What you will need to do is create a macro with the




'Report, Report Name, PDF Format (*.pdf), , Yes, , 0, Print'

There is a number of options within the 'arguments' section.


PS. I hope this works once I create a runtime version of my the database although I am guessing that it won't.