I have been unable to use either my cd-rom or dvd dirves for the past week. When I load a cd or dvd in the drives, they spin and then nothing. Both drives no longer show up on the Explorer tree. ("Nero Scout" is in their place).

When I looked at 'problem devices' under 'components', in System Info, both drives show the error "failure using the Vxd loader".

I am using Windows Ultimate on a home built system. The trouble started after I uninstalled 'Nero7'. I tried reinstalling Nero but the drives don't respond. Can't even reinstall Vista. I'm thinking the problem is in the registry, but have no idea how to fix it.

Help, if you can. Thank you.

Re: Failure Using the Vxd loader.

MS ISV Buddy Team

Per the Support Knowledge Base, you might try updating the driver:

Code 20

Windows could not load one of the drivers for this device. (Code 20)

To fix this, click Update Driver to update the drivers for this device.

Solution button: Update Driver

This code means VxD Loader (Vxdldr) returned an unknown result. For example, there could a version mismatch between the device driver and the operating system.

To resolve this issue, follow the recommended solution. If that does not work, try removing the device from Device Manager and then running the Add New Hardware Wizard in Control Panel.

Not sure if this will work or not. If you don't feel comfortable doing this on your own or at all, please contact Microsoft Support and they will walk you through it or may have another fix.

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)

Re: Failure Using the Vxd loader.


I have the same problem: Windows Ultimate, installed Nero 7, and now I can not see my CDRW or DVD-RW drives. One is IDE, the other is SATA.

I tried updating the driver - none exists.

I tried removing the devices from Device Manager and then re-installing them - same problem.

I think this is a registry problem.

Can you help