I would like to have a template that users can work on, and then later go through and select a paragraph or a word to be designated as a cross-reference.

I would then like to create a macro that would pop open the cross-reference dialog box (type set to "numbered items", and type set to "paragraph text" as defaults), and have the items list already highlighted so the user pretty much launches the macro, scrolls to the cross reference item they want to insert and hit enter to insert and close the box. I don't want them to have to select the ReferenceType, ReferenceKind, etc.

I know that this has got to be something simple and I'm overlooking it. I tried to record a macro to do it, I was having to put things like vbTab & "%m" to select stuff because I didn't know how to stop the macro have the user interact with the dialog box.

Now thinking about it, I'd really like to just have a Dialog box that only displays the cross-references I've created show up without using the standard Microsoft box Is that possible

Please, steer me in the right direction if I am off here.

The application here is for a user to type a "Heading" and give it a cross-reference (can I set a style that automatically assigns a cross reference to the name (e.g. if the user applies the "heading" style to the text ).

Then the user, later in the document presses the "macro button", a dialog box of previous references pops up, the scroll to the one they want, hit enter and it inserts it.

Sorry, I don't know the proper language to use here; and maybe that is part of my problem. I just got "knighted" to this.

I appreciate any input, even if it is "go read..."