Hi, I am trying to find out if there is an event that is triggered when I move a shape (a rectangle in my case). I want to be able to know when a user moves a shape so that I can create sort of a drag and drop effect, when they drop a box in a certain area I want that to trigger another event.

Any ideas Thanks!

P.S. Im using Excel 2003.

Re: Event realted to moving a shape in Excel

Andy Pope


Shapes do not have events. All you can do with shapes is assign an OnAction macro. But once you assign code you can no longer use the mouse to select and move.

ActiveX controls support events. In order to move the control you would need to create the code and it appears a little unstable with the control redrawing all over the worksheet whilst it is being dragged.

You might have more success if you could use a userform. But again you will need to code the dragging effect.