Is it possible to change the Markers than come ready to use in MS Graph . I need to print a chart using this markers: "<" and ">" instead of tiangle, * , - , _ , + etc. does any one can give me any kind of help in this matter .

Re: Access and Graph

Andy Pope


It's not possible directly through the OM although you can apply customer markers manually using copy/paste where the marker is a autoshape or picture.

You could possible use this approach which is to set the fill pattern of a column chart using an external image file and then change the chart type to line with markers.

Not sure how suitable or usable this is in conjunction with Access though.

Sub xx()

Dim objGraph As Graph.Application
Dim objCht As Graph.Chart
Dim objSeries As Graph.Series

Set objGraph = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1).OLEFormat.Object.Application
Set objCht = objGraph.Chart
Set objSeries = objCht.SeriesCollection(1)

objSeries.ChartType = xlColumnClustered
objSeries.Fill.UserPicture PictureFile:="C:\temp\point.gif", PictureFormat:=xlStretch, PicturePlacement:=xlAllFaces
objSeries.ChartType = xlLineMarkers

End Sub