Hi all,

I have a worksheet with a combo - box embedded in it of type 'form' rather than active x.

I have written a function to populate it via the worksheet_activate event, passing the combo-box to a module function by reference. However I find that if the workbook opens to that page because it was active when last saved the worksheet event does not fire. As a workaround I have thought of using the workbook_open event instead instead but don't know how to pass the combo-box by reference to the module function as it is not visible using the 'me.combobox' syntax I used for the worksheet event.

Anyone have any ideas


Re: Populating combo box via the workbook open event


IMHO, you may open workbook in some fixed page:

Code Block
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub

Re: Populating combo box via the workbook open event

Andy Pope


If that sheet is already active the Activate event will not fire.
Either place the code in the event in a separate code module, adding a call to the routine in the activate event, which you can then call directly. Or activate another sheet first before activating the required sheet.