Nikolai Bochkarev


I'm integrated WER support in my Delphi 7 Application and now get some results

1) I'm register winqual account

2) Integrate WERAPI support in my application (Delphi program has own exception processing)

3) Map my .exe and upload xml file

procedure TForm1.ApplicationEvents1Exception(Sender: TObject;E: Exception);

eventType : PWideChar;

if E is EAccessViolation then
eventType := 'Crash32';

WerReportCreate(eventType, WerReportCritical, @werReportInfo, @hReportHandle);



I'm read this forum and Claus Brod's blog ( and get value of eventType - "Crash32" for common exception types.

Is this right

After that, I'm raise sample Access Violation (24.08.2007)

delphi code


Res := WerReportSubmit(hReportHandle, WerConsentNotAsked, submitOptions, @submitResult);

Res = S_OK, submitResult = WerReportUploaded

and get reports with Buckets ID = 74072866, 72917002!

Are these Buckets ID valid

But today, 27.08.2007 I'm don't see any reports in winqual software homepage!

How long time wait for get report in winqual

I want to check my delphi code for valid WERApi translate.

Re: Some questions about WER

Jason Hardester - MSFT

Take a look at my reply to this post around processing delays.

Kind regards,


Re: Some questions about WER

Claus Brod

If you get bucket IDs like this, that's already a very good sign. It means that the Watson servers checked the format of your submission, and that it looked OK to them. Congratulations!

My experience with Winqual is that it takes at least three days for submissions to show up there. Unfortunately, whenever I really, really *needed* to see those submissions quickly, it took a lot longer than that . For example, in the phase when I was developing my solution and needed to verify what was going on, I typically had to wait at least a week...

Good luck,


Re: Some questions about WER

Nikolai Bochkarev

Thanh you, Claus!

I'm learn about WER in you samples!

I want to write similar samples, but in delphi realisation!

This is mysticism, but after your post I'm get ALL CRASHES in winqual account!!!!

In my case delay after post crash-report and apear in winqual list - 5 days!

Re: Some questions about WER

Nikolai Bochkarev

Now I see big list of crash reports and get strange records from Korean, France and China any Windows: XP, 2003, Vista!

I'm test my crashes ONLY on russian Windows Vista Ultimate!

I' made file maping on project1.exe version to test.

It seems, what my winqual account receive all reports from ALL project1.exe's version from the World! :-)

Does file maping correlate to file name and his version only

Re: Some questions about WER

Jason Hardester - MSFT

Hi Nikolai,

When you map your files on winqual, the filename, Version, and LinkDate are used to pair up with WER reports sent by end-users. There are times when the linkdate is not picked up by the WER client in the signature of the report. When that happens, the Winuqal mapping is based on filename and version only.

This happens mostly on pre-vista operating systems. When this happens, it is possible to have noisy reports for files with a common name and version. This is the case with your sample project.

Kind Regards,