I have created datable which normally has 5000 records upto 1 lakh records depending on runtime value....i want to display rows of datatable to user in particular format...

1]odd rows with yellow back ground

2]even rows with green back ground

3] if value of cell in odd rows is not eqaul with value of cell in even row then both cells's text should be bold and with red color

given pic is view that report should look like

right now i am doing by putting that data in excel programatically using excel object but it is very takes hell lot of time ....15-20 minutes just for 300 rows only

then i tried to write those data as html table format and generated .html file and i opened it with happy that it is done in some seconds but when opening with excel i found that it gets hanged if it has more than 10000 now i am totally stuck

is it possible to get it done using xslt transformation and how will color font color in xslt at run time by matching data

or any other way to represent table content with same formating but in any other file format

please help....