Bryan Tidd

I'm working on a migration project from the wide use of AOL AIM to Office Communicator 2005 and Live Communication Server 2005. I can create a text file export like the following:

Config {

version 1


User {

screenName thereScreenName


Buddy {

list {

"GroupA" {




"GroupB" {






There could be any number of groups. I will provide variable inputs for the input file and output file locations.

I need to be able to make a new file like:





I am completely a newbie in C#, but I was requested to use it.

Any assistance would be great. I will request that the resulting tool be open source and publicly available, so please keep that in mind.

Re: Parse AIM Buddy List Export file and Import to LCS 2005 Client


Did you every successfully get the script working to get the AOL buddy list into LCS