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I am facing this problem while closing internet explorer. I am really frustrated to this problem. Help me


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I am getting the same problem. The problem occurs with IE6 and Yahoo messenger. IE6 worked fine until I needed to use the YM messenger service. I could really blame the YM but I have heard if you upgrade to IE7 the problem goes away. I don't use a messenger service at home to test that theory nor am I allowed to download IE7 at work (policy restrictions). I bet if you uninstall the Yahoo toolbar the problem will go away. Good fortune with your adventures!

Neil S>

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I am also experiencing this problem on two of my users PC's. I foresaw the impact YM toolbar may have had on IE6 sp2 and uninstalled it hoping that would fix the problem. It, however, has not and these individuals important work is being lost when IE closes on them. Any futher assistance in troubleshooting this problem would be much appreciated!


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Re: 0x62304390 referenced memory

Jillian Rose

Hi..........i had the same problem. I also unistalled the Yahoo Toolbar and still had the problem. I found that there was still a Yahoo browser installed which i then uninstalled.....problem solved.

Good luck

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A. S.

This is definitely a matter of Yahoo Toolbar and/or Browser. Uninstall them and the displayed error will vanish instantly and permanently. Good luck

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Last night, I went through and unistalled yahoo messenger. I reinstalled a newer version ( 8 non beta verison). I then had to go into the control panel and remove yahoo browser and yahoo tool bar. I rebooted and the problem was corrected. It also sped up my computer by 100%. I was getting delayed launching of browers and with coping and pasting and more within the task bar. I tried to only unistalled the yahoo took bar alone but it did not work until I did all of the above. Yahoo is the error!

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Thank you! You just saved me from loading the dreaded IE7 to get rid of this error. Whew. Yahoo Browser services were installed.

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Steve the great

Thanks Jillian. It really helped



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ty all i got rid of yahoo tool bar and the anti spy bot and the problem is gone tyagain and god bless