Hi All,

I made 6 VBA Excel macro using Visual Basic Editor from within Excel, but after deploying the AddIns, my AddIns run only once and stop!!

Here are the details:

I made 6 macros and wanted to share them with my colleagues at work, in what I call it Add In library.

I assigned shortcuts to the 6 Macros as follows

Lnk2DB() (" Ctrl+Shift+a ")

CHS_CHEM2 (" Ctrl+Shift+b ")

CB1_CHEM (" Ctrl+Shift+c ")

CB1_BIO2 (" Ctrl+Shift+d ")

CreateDoubleNoSpace (" Ctrl+Shift+e ")

CreateTripleNoSpace (" Ctrl+Shift+f ")

I assigned the Shortcuts using Tools a Macroa Macros¡­a Options.

I saved the file as AddIns (xxx.xla), save in shared drive and modified our log in script to copy this AddIns library to c:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILE% \Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns). Which copies the AddIns correctly.

When I tried to run the AddIns from by using the Shortcuts, it runs correctly, but I can not run them again!!! It will run again if I close the Excel Sheet and open it again!

Any idea what I am doing wrong

Thanks for your help.


Re: Why my AddIns runs only once!?


Sometimes such trouble occurs because of your Antivirus. Check its tuning

Re: Why my AddIns runs only once!?


Hi and thanks for your answer.

No its is not the antivirus! I stopped the Antivirus and couldnt get it to function properly.

I start to suspect that there is something wrong in my code

Re: Why my AddIns runs only once!?


Maybe do you have any handler of error to not get a error message If it's true then you try to switch off it, in order to get a error

I mean

Code Snippet

On Error GoTo Resume Next

or like it