I have a user that is getting the error "Error: Subreport could not be shown" when doing a report for a quote. She can do a report for an order but just not for the quote. I tried logging her in with different computer and get the same result so I think it is at the server level. Please give me some direction on what to do next.


Re: CRM 3.0 Error: Subreport could not be shown

MS ISV Buddy Team

Per our support engineer:

Can you please complete/answer the below items to help me get a better idea of whats going on in your environment. I see in your e-mail that you tried this from another machine and the error still happened. So this tells us that its not computer settings causing the issue. Here are some additional things to check.

1. Can another user try to run the report Preferably a user that has the System Administrator rights. This will tell us if its specific to certain security roles or if its something wrong with the report.

2. What report are you trying to run

3. Is this a custom report or a standard CRM report

4. Create Platform Trace.

a.) Run the attached tool on the CRM Server.

b.) Check Enable Platform Tracing, Click OK.

c.) Recreate the error.

d.) Uncheck Enable Platform Tracing, Click OK.

e.) Zip and Attach the created trace log folder to the case. It will be created on the C:\ drive and named similar to CrmDiagPlatformTrace.

5. What are you doing when the error appears

6. If this is a custom report can you send the report .rdl file to [ so that we can] attach it to this case. I would like to try to recreate this issue in my environment.

7. When creating custom reports you want to make sure the filtered views are referenced and not the actual tables. Referencing tables in your statements will cause security issues.

8. Are you able to run the Report from http://SRSServer/reports

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)

Re: CRM 3.0 Error: Subreport could not be shown


Try opening a copy of the report inside SQL BI Studio and checking for field level length limitations that might blow up due to longer than expected values in the actual database.

I found this same exact error in the Account Overview report and it was caused by the phone number field in the report being restricted to 13 digits when the string value of the actual data inside the database was often longer than the allowed 13 of the report....