Hi, i'm a beginner in the VB code world but enjoy making things happen in the rare instances that they do! I'd really like some VB code / help for the following:

I'm designing a database with user input forms and am stuck on how to use VB code to make it do the things i want it to...

I want code to do the following:

For each new record i only want the parent form to be accessible for data entry, after all its fields are in then the subforms which appear on the same form can then be made accessible for data entry. Problem is i don't know how to refer to the NewRecord property via VB and then turn on / off the data entry properties of the subforms.

I would also like to know how to use the value of the current record (automatically incremented with every new record), ideally i'd like to sync this in with a reference number on the actual parent form.

Any help much appreciated.


Re: VB code in Access forms

Bruno Yu - MSFT

Move the thread from Visual Basic General forum. There are more exports in Visual Basic for Applications development. I believe you can get the satisfying answers in this forum.

Thanks again for your question.