I am going to have multiple excel files feeding one text file (each file will only append one line of data). Any suggestions


Re: append excel data to text file

Mario B

The data in your XL file can be in a cell, or an autoshape, or a chart etc.

Because you did not specify where that data lives, I assume you have it in cells. To get the text from a cell using VBA you write something like this:



idxSheet - index of the sheet you have the data on

idxRow - index of the Row

idxColumn - index of the Column

Another option is not to use VBA at all: if indeed the data you have is only on Excel cells, you can add the excel document as an ODBC provider and connect to it as to a regular database, and see the Excell sheet as a database table.

Re: append excel data to text file


thanks but i found a way to append to my text file by using text boxes. Now i need to know how to import data into specific cells using a macro.

thanks for your help..