Over the last year I have developed a few VB.Net applications that customize the use of MapPoint 2004. I see a lot of value that these sorts of projects can bring to Logistics Planning and Operations.

I'm based in Vancouver Canada and I'm wondering if there are other people or businesses that are currently promoting MapPoint as a customized solution. I would be happy to share the work that I have already done and discuss my ideas for the future.



Re: Contacts who Customize MapPoint

Marky DBS

Hi Carlo, I have a question for you, i'm trying to write an app for my dads delivery company which has 15 vehicles and delivers around 150 packages everyday, I think the best way to do this would be to devide UK into sectors(territories), then plot all the delivery points onto the map and select every point inside that sector, the problem i'm having is that in code ( i cannot select drops inside a sector, do you have any examples of how you would overcome this problem

Thanks Mark