Is it possible for an ExCel Spreadsheet created with a most recent revision of an ActiveX Control to not work on a PC running a previous version of the ActiveX Control. In other words, backward compatibility not supported.

The Error code the user recieves is a Compile Error: Can not find Project or Library. This is with respect to the 'Format' function in VBA

With that said, we check Tools in VBA, References, it says the ActiveX Control we are trying to reference is missing. However, I am unable to delete the Reference for it says it is in use. I checked to make sure no other Miscellaneous References are checked. Both machines are identical. The only difference is in regards to the ActiveX Control.

The PC the Spreadsheet was created on is running the most up-to-date version of the ActiveX Control. Therefore, is it possible that when the user tries to run this speadsheet in their evironment, with a previous version of the activex control, that excel wants to reference the most up-to-date version rather than the control (previous version) currently installed on the PC. Would this cause the error



Re: Cannot find project or library

Andy Pope


Missing references can and probably will generate errors.
The actual error raised may not actually be the problem but a side effect of the missing reference.

References can update to the latest version but not down grade to a previous one. If possible you should produce code using the oldest version.
Have a read of this article on late binding, which may offer a solution.

Re: Cannot find project or library


Thanks for taking the time to answer the post; you answered my question.