Genaro Sanchez

I added the COM Component for MODI (V.12.0) Using Office 2007 version and Visual Studio 2005

When i try to add the control to the form. I get an error: "Failed to import the ActiveX control. Please ensure it is properly registered."

How can I add this control Is there a patch for this problem

Also I try with MODI (v.11.0) Office 2003 and VS2005, and the same problem.

Thanks a lot.

Re: Error when adding axModi to Windows Form.


I had the same problem. Navigate to the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MODI\11.0. In the run command type Regsvr32.exe and leave a space.Now drag the file MDIVWCTL.DLL in the directory said above to the run command textbox.And give enter.
Upon pressing enter u will get a msf succefully registered. Then u will be able to get the namespaces by intellisense.
be sure to add axinterop.dll to ur bin/debug folder where the exe resides.

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