Jake Watkins

I'm nearing completion of my first product and think I need to include a EULA as part of the install. Is there a standard template somewhere of a boilerplate EULA Something that says this software isn't meant to run nuclear reactors, if the user gets tumors it isn't our fault, etc.

I looked at creative Commons and they offer some stuff, but I'm more interested in the standard type of EULA.

Any help would be greatly apperciated.


Re: EULA for my product


If you are shipping a closed-source product, I would think that Creative Commons doesn't have what you want. They intentionally don't address typical software licensing.

Have you looked at EULAs of software that you have seen and used Is there one that was particularly satisfactory for you as an user Try adapting that.

Also, the disclaimer of warranty is different than the license agreement, if you intend to use the end-user license (EULA) route.

There are probably a fair number of web resources. And, of course, you could consult an attorney, but you need to know what you want before you do that.

- Dennis

PS: I am only a lawyer in the Perry Mason movie in my own mind.