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My team has just integrated WER into our application. It is working correctly and we have found (and fixed) some surprising crashes! We're very happy about that. :-D

Our only problem/complaint is updating the WER File Mapping. Is there any way to tell WER File Mapping to automatically collect crash info for a given .exe filename, regardless of the file's version and linkdate

We have daily builds of multiple branches (for internal QA and different beta users). So we have multiple new versions every day! What does WER do with crash reports in files that match an existing registered filename but have an unregistered version and linkdate

Plus there seems to be a 1+ day lag between uploading a new File Mapping XML and the WER web site recognizing it. So by the time WER's File Mapping batch job has recognized our daily builds' new versions, our build machine is about to produce new builds with new versions! WER's registered file versions will always be out of date. :-(

Chris Peterson

Re: Can WER File Mapping ignore application version numbers?

Jason Hardester - MSFT

Hi Chris,

Thanks for using the service!!!

In order to better provide data views where the error report has your file in the crash signature (not just a file with your same name and version) the service maps reports on a filename, version, and linkdate. There is no current solution for creating a view based on a filename alone (or a filename with a version range).

to make mapping easier for everyone, we will be offering a new mapping tool that can communicate with our web services (also coming soon) so that new builds can be automatically mapped and uploaded for processing without user intervention if a company wishes to do so. We will also continue to support the manual file upload scenario.

As for the processing delay, the WER service team feels this is an issue and we are working to reduce the processing time between mapping files to a view and producing the aggregate reports based on the map. We also understand that we need to reduce the overall E2E flow time between a client report and the availability of that report in Winqual. We are working on that as well but the solution will be more 'long term'.

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Re: Can WER File Mapping ignore application version numbers?

Henrik Hoyer

We are really looking forward to the new mapping tool, since having manual interaction when creating builds tend to introduce errors.

Do you have any planned releasedate for the new tool