I have created an inventory spreadsheet, and want to be able to search down a particular column to match up part numbers. Once I have found the correct cell, I want to edit the value of the corresponding cell in the next column. I'd really like to find a good tutorial for using VBA in Excel, but barring that, a push in the right direction for this code would be handy.

Re: Searching down a column?


Here is a way to use find function

Code Snippet

Set rFnd = Sheets(1).Range("A:A").Find(what:=sText, LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlPart)
If Not rFnd Is Nothing Then
Sheets(1).Cells(rFnd.Row, 2).Value = "Your new value"
End If

where sText is the search text you want to search. The rFnd range object will have the address of the matching cell.

If you wanr to learn Excel, You can find more infor @ Excel Developer Forum in Microsoft Website