I've been running LCS 2005 SP1 Federation/PIC for over a year now. Recently several users who Communicate with MSN contacts frequently are getting "Status Unknown" for any MSN user. This is isolated to about 3 persons, the only commonality is that their username is 9 characters or longer. (Ex.

I saw another post from a while back that seems to be similar.

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Please assist.

Thank you

Re: Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 Status Unknown



At this time i have the same problem and I dont know what can I do....!! In the eventviewer it doesnt show anything about it, some gay toldme that review the Loggig in Level 4, but is very complex understand the records, another guy toldme too that the issue is because the communication between Access Proxy and MSN servers is fail or presents some problems..... the issue is how to know what I need to do to fix this..!!

Thanks a lot and let me know pls if you have the solutions pls.