I am trying to create a digital certificate. When I run Selfcert.exe I type in the name of the certificate. I get the error "An error occurred during certificate creation. Selfcert was unable to create your certificate". I am running XP pro and Office 2003. Any suggestions on how to fix


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I have the same problem. Can somebody answer this.

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Adrian B Jones

I've had the same problems with SelfCert. It appears to be broken.

Follow the instructions on here instead:

It worked for me.


Re: Digital Certificate Error

Adrian B Jones

I spoke too soon.

The certificate I created worked fine on my PC, but when one of my users tried to open the database I'd signed with it, Access 2003 crashed.

Not and invalid certificate error, but a full blown "Access has encountered a problem..." shut down. :(

Back to the drawing board.