everytime l try to write a letter in works or word l get the message ..abnormal program termination.

program files\microsoft office\office 10\winword.exe.

Could someone help please

Re: abnormal program termination

MS ISV Buddy Team

As this version of Office is not longer in an official support cycle, your best bet to have this question answered is to post it to the Office newsgroup and take advantage of the vast amount of Office Word expertise there. Here's a direct link to the Office Word newsgroup that deals with application errors: dg=microsoft.public.word.application.errors&lang=en&cr=US

There should be someone up there that has experienced the same issue and can offer some advice. Be sure to add information on which operating system that you are running and reiterate that this is Office XP (v10). Also include the exact error wording.

Good luck!

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)

Re: abnormal program termination


I receive the same message and wonder if you have found a solution.