Derek Smyth

This is the forum I've maybe spend the most time in, although not so much recently but that can't be helped. To everyone who posts here often enough to know my name, and to anyone else to happens to read this... have a great Christmas and New Year... and even if you don't celebrate them I hope you enjoy the holidays.

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Merry Christmas Derek

Thanks for all your posts, here and on your Blog. Like many others I read the questions and answers on this forum to expand my knowledge of VBA. Your answers, and those of the other frequent posters have helped me enormously this year, thanks to you all.

Keep posting and have a happy new year.



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I am new here and have only posted a few posts, but I do know your names, Derek and ADG, :) because going through this forum is one of the first things I do everyday.
Wish everybody have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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A late merry christmas back to you Derek, and to all the other experts in this forum such as ADG, duckthing etc who have exponentially increased my knowledge off VBA in Access and have helped me with my new system.

Thanks v much and a happy new year to all!