I am using access 2000. And, this .mdb is also created in Source Safe to track any changes that are done to the program.

I have 4 different programs. 1 of them opens up really fast. However, the other 3 get this error and take a long time to open.
Sometimes they open up in under a minute, while other times they'll take 20+ minutes to open (even over an hour at times). I am "thinking" this error is related to the reason those 3 are taking long to open and I'd like to fix it if possible in hopes the programs will open faster. However, if the issue that is causing these programs to take forever to open is completely different I'd like to know what it is as well as the error coming up.

Here's what happens.

1) Shift + Enter the .mdb to open it in design mode (where you can view forms/queries/tables/etc).
2) The program opens, but it sort of hangs for awhile.
3) After a a few (1-5 minutes) the error pops up.
4) Error message: Cannot find the file 'O:\folder1\folder2\folder3\file.mdb' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available.
5) Than, after clicking ok on the error pop-up, it hangs again. I see the Access window at the bottom on the task bar, but when I click on it, it doesn't open. It just hangs for awhile (1-20+ minutes, but lately 60+ minutes) before it finally opens.

Whether this is the cause of the programs taking long to open I don't know for sure, but either way it's something I'd like to get rid and hope it is related. Of course this error doesn't always pop-up. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. But whether the error pops up or not the program still takes forever to open.

Has anyone had this issue and/or error before and/or know how to resolve the error popping up and why it's taking forever to open