I have an Access Data Project. SQL Server backend, access forms.

I have a form bound to a stored procedure. The storede procedure is based on two tables. The form needs to update and delete records in one of the tables. I set the Unique Table property to the table I need updated.

When I try to update a record I get the error'This recordset is not updateable" It worked fine when the record source was he table. The second table can remain unchanged and it's field should be read only

Does anyone know how to hook a form up to a sproc

I have tried several solutions, but can't find the one that works.


Re: Access Data Project, form bound to Sproc, need to update, etc

Cringing Dragon

It's been a week now, with no response to your post. I lurk on this forum a fair bit, and it seems that sql and Access queries tend to go unanswered here. I suggest you repost in the transact-sql forum (link below) - certainly there will be more people who can help with the sql and stored procedures side of things. If it is a VBA solution you're seeking, then I suggest that you mention in your post that you tried here first and no-one could help - then they might be a bit more forgiving of a slightly off-topic post. ForumID=85&SiteID=1

Re: Access Data Project, form bound to Sproc, need to update, etc


If the stored procedure has parameters you must add them to the Form's input parameters. For instance, if the form has two input boxes (combo, text) that are used to filter data on the form you would have to include those parameters. Input the parameters on the data tab of the form properties (including type and size) along with the fully qualified name of the parameter.

Ex. @Update_EIDs_EID varchar(12) = Forms!Update_Eids!EID, @Update_EIDs_Hull varchar(4) = Forms!Update_EIDs!Hull

where @Update_EIDs_EID varchar(12) is the parameter from the stored procedure


Forms!Update_Eids!EID = Forms! (name of form) ! (name of control)

Hope this helps.