I have a web solution developed in framework 1.1 and using crm 1.2

I'm migrating from crm 1.2 to crm 3.0 and I faced the following problem.

I used to display this page http://<server name>/SFA/home_accts.aspx in an IFrame in my website to display all accounts same for contacts i used http://<server name>/SFA/home_conts.aspx

In CRM 3.0 I cant find the corresponding pages. only ones i found mentioned in the sdk are the

http://<server name>/SFA/accts/edit.aspx pages

and http://<server name>/_forms/readonly/readonly.aspx objTypeCode=<object type code>&id=<object guid>

and those pages can either create, edit or view a single object.

please help Crying

Re: include crm3.0 accounts page in an IFrame


Hi Einish,

I tried the following steps and could get some success

Let me know if the following steps have helped to resolve the issue

- Go to Settings > Customization > Customize Entites

- Open Contact Form

- Open Form and View

- Add a Tab called "IFrame,"

- Add section called "Accounts" to the Tab "IFrame"

- Name the Frame as "Accounts".

- Check the box "Automatically expand to use available space." on "Formatting" tab.

- Click OK to close the "IFrame" properties windows.

- Click on "Form Properties" in the "Common Task"

- On the onLoad event write the following code and enable the checkbox to execute the code

var lookupItem = new Array;
var iFrameSrc;
lookupItem = crmForm.all.parentcustomerid.DataValue;

if (lookupItem[0] != null)
// The text value of the lookup.
// alert(lookupItem[0].name);

// The GUID of the lookup.

iFrameSrc = "http://<CRM Server>/sfa/accts/edit.aspx id={" + lookupItem[0].id + "}";

crmForm.all.IFRAME_Accounts.src = iFrameSrc;
alert('value not found');

- Save the changes

- Publish the Contact form.

- Test

- Let me know the result.

- If the above solution does not work than let me also have the following innformation.

- For which entity have you created the iframe Is it on Contacts entity or Accounts

- Are you trying to display all related account for the contacts which has been open. e.g. if you open a Contact, let's say "xyz", would you like to see all the Accounts for the contact "xyz"

- Is there an external aspx page you have developed to display the related record.

- I would love to research on this issue and would like to have information for the above asked questions.

Re: include crm3.0 accounts page in an IFrame


Hi Harjit,

I just wanted find out how to display the activities which associates with account. but I dont want to show the all the activities. I just want to show service activities. I have following code which display the all the activities.

if (crmForm.FormType == 1)

var navActivityHistory;
navActivityHistory =

if (navActivityHistory != null)
document.all.IFRAME_HistoryFrame.src="/sfa/accts/areas.aspx oId=" +
crmForm.ObjectId +
alert("navHistory Not Found");

but I want to show only service activity details.

Any help would be really appriciate.



Re: include crm3.0 accounts page in an IFrame

MS ISV Buddy Team

Hi Tharanga,

Pleas let us know what navActivityHistory refers to What is it saving Is this the complete code If no, than, could you please provide me with the complete code (budsup@microsoft.com - I will pass it on to Harjit)


-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)

Re: include crm3.0 accounts page in an IFrame

MS ISV Buddy Team

Here's an update from the support engineer:

Please find the status of this issue. I have researched at my end and also consulted the depth queue on this question and here is the answer.

In this code all that they are doing is moving the associated view of activities to a new location on the form. There is no way to filter the activities in the History view to only show Service Activities, so there wouldn't be a way to restrict it now that it has been moved either.

I don't know if a supported method for achieving this exists at present but it can be looked at different blogs to see if anyone has done something else like that. I tried from my end, but have not been successful.

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)