I have been having several problems on a complicated excel spreadheet that I have been developing, that have led me to believe that the file i am working on has been corrupted.

The problems started when I switched PC's that I used for developing (i.e. was given a slower PC to work on).

Since then, I have been having all sorts of problems with my macros. Now, even when I open the file on other, faster machines, the results are still unstable, with features that were previously working normally still not working.

Is it possible that the PC that I switched to has somehow corrupted the compiled VBA code stored in the excel file

For example, a simple procedure that hides some columns on a sheet when a value is changed is not working. However, when I duplicate the exact same code, and trigger it when a different value on the sheet changes, the new procedure works. (The old procedure has a problem with activating the sheet on which to hide the columns).

As the code is exactly the ame, could it be that the already complied VBA code in the excel file is corrupt

Many thanks for any help!

Re: Visual Basic Code Corrupted?

Riquel Dong ¨C MSFT


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