I registered four responses to crash events on September 26th. They're status remains "In Progress" (the tooltip says "Response is awaiting aproval") ever since. When can I expect the responses to be treated

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Re: Aproval of responses

B. Ward


Sorry about that. We have fallen behind due to some internal issues that are being resolved over the next few days. Normally, it takes only a couple of days. Which company are these from I am in the process of reviewing everyone's requests and sending out follow-up emails if I have questions.


Re: Aproval of responses



Thank you for your reply. It's for "Gehriger Engineering".

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Re: Aproval of responses

Bradley Grainger

"Libronix Corporation" is also waiting for responses (that were submitted on 19 September) to be approved.



Re: Aproval of responses

Jason Hardester - MSFT

Hi All,

We are sorry about the delay in response registrations. We had experienced an unexpected delay in processing responses when we released Winqual updates on the 19th. The problem has now been identified and the fix is released as of yesterday. The response team is now working through the backlog of response requests, and should be finished with the backlog in the next 3 business days.

Normally, responses are processed and evaluated for approval within a business day. WE will be back on that schedule early next week. If anyone experiences an issue (outage, staleness) with WER Services, please don¡¯t hesitate to contact

Thanks for using WER Services and responses!!!

Kind Regards,