I am a developer of a web based medical application that is viewed in a web browser. It is developed using asp.net and is hosted from an IIS server. There seems to be some confusion in my company regarding the type of Windows Logo certification that can be applied and tested for with ths type of applicaiton. I have always thought this kind of application was only available for the Windows Server 2003 certified logo. Can it be "Runs on Vista" certified



Re: Certification of Web Application?


Windows 2003 logo is for server applications only and I checked the veritest website and found no references to web applications. My company wants me to find out if we can get certification from one of our web applications. I dont know if there is one that exists with microsoft. Please let me know if you find any information on this.

Re: Certification of Web Application?


I found this:

Examples of applications that do not qualify

<!--[if !supportLists]-->¡¤ <!--[endif]-->Web applications accessed through a browser

(In Certified for Windows Vista: Application Eligibility and Testing Applicability, version 1.0.0. It can be found at: http://microsoft.mrmpslc.com/InnovateOnWindowsVista/LearnBuild.aspx tab=tab1)

So I think it is not possible to get Certified for Windows Vista.

But I think web applications are eligible to "Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions at VeriTest".

Does anybody know more about this question