I am new to these forums, and so if this isn't the right place, please don't just say that this isn't the right place, and rather, inform me as to which forum this truly belongs in, as I'm guessing becaue this issue involves more than just 1 item (i.e. there's more to it than just VBA). The ultimate issue pertains to Macros.

We have an internal program that uses Visual Studio 2003, VB.Net, Framework 1.1, along with some VBA within the Word Documents.

This internal application has about 80 documents and forms pertaining to mortgages and deeds of trust. A user selects the necessary documents, inserts information into text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc, and based on that, when they click on the generate document button, a Word document is supposed to generate.

The problem that we are having is some random users (none in our main office in Charlotte) get the Enable Macro popup from Microsoft Office Word 2003 during the generation of the document. The other problem is that this is completely sporadic, and there is zero consistency (i.e. it's not like one particular document is causing this, or a certain type of data entry). Because it's sporadic, we highly doubt that it's a registry error as then it ought to happen all the time for that user.

We have a few documents where you should get the Enable Macro popup when you go to open the generated document, but this should never occur during generation.

Any ideas

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Hmmm, Not 100% sure, but it sounds like something in the Command button isn't coded right. Just a hunch. I created a database for my company and for about the first week I had something similar happen. Turns out the problem was in my start up settings. You may want to look there, and you should be able to auto enable macros. I think.......

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Cringing Dragon

Do those same users, or those same PCs, sometimes get the enable macros popup when they first start Word, or when they open other documents which should not contain macros (completely independent of your program) I use a 3rd party pdf writer, which is installed as an Add-In. It uses "signed" macros and so should be ignored by my default macro security settings. However it occasionally doesn't recognise the signature (I haven't figured out why, but it is most likely to occur if I open a document from an intranet web page or an e-mail attachment). When this happens I get the macro warning any time a document is opened or created, even though the "suspect" macro is not in the document being opened. So it's possible that the popup is not caused by your program, but is being triggered by it.

... don't know if this is possible, but is there something you can set when you call the Word Application that tells it NOT to load add-ins or anything from the startup folder If it is a problem similar to mine, then that might stop it.