Hi dears

I want to add icon to the items of VB.NET 2005 ListBox ,

Could i do ...

Re: Icons In ListBox

Derek Smyth


Don't use a listbox use a listview instead. You'll need to set the View property to List in order to get the listview to look like a tradition listbox.

The listview control contains a collection listview items, and each listviewitem contains a collection of subitems. For each listviewitem you'll want two subitems, one for the image and one for the text.

Think of a listviewitem as a row and the subitems as columns of the row.

Re: Icons In ListBox


Hi Derek Smyth

Tnnx for your replay, thinking in listview is better.

I just added an imageList and a listView, and set the "small imagelist property " of the listView with the imageList i added then.

set the "View property" of the listView with "smallicons" and then choose an image icon for every item of the listView Items from "imagKey property".


Re: Icons In ListBox


Hi all,

Thank you very much Derek Smyth.