we are implementing the CustomDisclaimers for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server. but when the first message is sent from one person to another using Microsoft Office Communicator the first message is ignored by the disclaimers code.
// Called directly by the LCS Access Proxy, as specified in the
// Application Manifest (by the Dispatch("OnRequest"); directive.
// Here the Request is parsed to detect what kind of Request it is, and
// then routed to the appropriate helper method/event-handler.
Code Snippet

public void OnRequest(object sender, RequestReceivedEventArgs e)

should be called when there is a message received. but it does not get called at all unless the receiver already sent or received at least 1 message.

has anyone else had this problem or know where i can get help on this

thanks in advance.

Re: CustomDisclaimers for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server


I think this is correct by design, as a session is not actually started until the recipient has replied. It is at this point that the Access Proxy detects that there is an active session and applies the disclaimer on the next message.