I am going to write an application for getting information from the users. I want the text box to have all the features of Word. Is that possible How do I go about programming this.

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You may want to start with a rich text box. But are you sure you 'need all the features of word' I presume you mean the basic formatting functions (Bold, font, etc.) Anything more than that and you have a major project on your hands (reinventing Word). Can you clarify what 'features' you need

Re: Visual Basic General using word in vb.net

Bruno Yu - MSFT

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I suggest you to download a third party control which provides thhe word functions. I have a project before with the ASP.NET web page form. The way to use the third party controls is just add the downloaded control in your toolbox.

Here is some instructions for you to add a third party controls:

  • If you need the conversion of the data, just use the CType(data,type) as follows

          Dim i As Int32 = 11

          Dim s As String = ""

          s = CType(i, String)

  • If you need the Form shift, just choose Windows Form Add in the project, then add form2, new an object like:

Dim frm2 As new Form2, then use form2.show() method to show the new form and me.Hide() to hide the old.

  • If the third party needs the namesapace, don't forget the imports statement to import the third party namespace.       


Re: Visual Basic General using word in vb.net


We create documents using a lot of word processing using most of the features, like macros, autocorrect, spelling....

What needs to happen in a nutshell, is that the user answers questions and most of the document is created. Then they draft a couple of paragraphs of the document. These drafted paragraphs are completely under the control of the user. The other parts of the document, we don't want the users to change, except by the way of selecting radio buttons, etc, which creates the language.

Any other solutions would be helpful.