Martin Koster

I have published a VB app (ClickOnce) using the My Project Form - Publish Wizard. The Install mode is that the app is available off-line, and that it must check for updates before the app starts. I have also specified a minimum required version.

However, when the app starts, it checks the publish-web-site, but it does NOT update on my development machine. It does sometimes update on a few user PC's.

How can I find out what's going wrong, as I do not get any error message ...

It may be related to this post: PostID=380353&SiteID=1

but then ... I can't control the proxy server, so how can you circumvent (if) any caching

On the other hand, I am the first user trying to run the app while an update is available, so nothing would be cached yet. I am puzzled.

Please help.

Re: Visual Basic IDE ClickOnce publish - The application does not automatically update

Bruno Yu - MSFT

Martin Koster,

According to your description on the problem, I would like to provide you some related suggestions on the ClickOnce publish update:

1. You probably need to refresh your deployment web page. If you do a lot of installs in a short amount of time, sometimes the old page is sitting in the cache, still pointing to the old version.

2. If start menu shortcut then did you set the update check interval to "every time app starts" or some periodic interval. You can verify this by opening .application file in notepad and looking at <update> section.

3. Another reason you're seeing this could be that your main EXE is strongly named and you did not change it's version number. Please ckech ClickOnce progress UI as if the update was being downloaded but then the older EXE ran. If that's the case then it's almost definitely this case. I would recommend either making the top level EXE simply named or updating its version number with every revision.

4. Check the version number in .application and .manifest file get updated. If you used Visual Studio to publish the app then this should have happened automatically, if not then that might be another reason you're not seeing the update.