jasmine pham

I have my Control library named VideoTerminal (VideoTerminal.dll). It's in D (D:\VideoTerminal.dll). When I open Start\Run and type regsvr32 "D:\VideoTerminal.dll" to register, I have a message like :"The D:\VideoTerminal.dll was load, but the DllRegisterServer Entry Point was not found. The file can not be registered." Why How to add my VideoTerminal to my webpage (HTML file) Thanks for any help.

Re: Visual Basic General About using Control library!

Dick Donny

Have you tried using pview to check to see if there is a corrupt version in memory

One thing that does strike me as a little odd, is that the extension is dll yet you say it is a control library; which usually have an ocx extension Are you sure you have an active x control library ... you'd get that message from regsvr if it is not a com dll or ocx