I want to implement a WYSIWYG editor into my program for allowing a user to use it as a notepad. Can anyone help me here

Re: Visual Basic General WYSIWYG Editor...


A RichTextBox would probably be the best control for this, unless want the text to be all the same font all of the time.

RichTextBoxes allow a maximum of about 2 billion characters, compared to 32,767 or so, for a regular textbox.

There are several examples of text editors on the internet. MSDN has an example of printing WYSIWYG text from a richtextbox.

Richtextboxes have a .Load method, and .Save method, to load text from a file, and save text to a file.

Richtextboxes also have nealy unlimited Undo and Redo methods, that allow you to "Undo" and "Redo" the text multiple times.

Hope this helps.