I have an application written in VB 2005 that uses the System.Net.Mail namespace to send e-mail messages using BCC. I was running into an issue getting the friendly names to work and started searching for guidance and ran upon something startling. The link below states that the BCC functionality within the .NET Framework 2.0 is not really blind.

Can anyone confirm that this is the case Has it been fixed in an update to the .NET Framework

The application I am working on is for a medical facility and is used to e-mail patients reminders, etc. I was going to use BCC so that our ISP doesn't block outbound e-mails thinking they are spam or a mass-mailing worm. A couple of times per month the system will be sending out messages to at least 50 patients.

Re: Visual Basic Language System.Net.Mail and BCC



Try sending me an email and one to yourself then.

Put your-email-address  in to TO: or CC: field and one of mine: in the BCC: field and i'll tell you if i see your email address in the header or make one up like

If BCC: works as it should i won't see you email address only the email address it was sent from if it is different.