I have a multiple project solution (2 projects).

All conflicts and discrepancies are resolved.

The Dependencies and Build Order are established.

I am unable to access the "Start Debugging" button or the "Start Debugging" from the "Debug" tab.

Re: Visual Basic General No active debugging button or "Start Debugging" from the Debug tab.

Bruno Yu - MSFT


1. Please provide your Visual Basic IDE information, such as Visual Basic Express Edition or Visual Studio 2003/2005.

2. Please try to use the "Debug" menu or press F5 to try to start debugging. You can also try to use "Step Into", "Step Over" or use F8/Shift+F8 to debug your project.

3. Please right click the project name and try to use "Build" or "Rebuild" to check if it is working.

4. Please open the property of the solution, in Common Properties->Startup Project. In the Single Startup Project option, please choose the startup project name.

5. If you have any problems on Visual Studio Debugger, please post the question in Visual Studio Debugger forum. There are more exports on the debug issue and I believe you can get the satisfying answers in this forum.

Thanks again for your question and hope that can help you.