Martin Thwaites

I have 2 problems that I've been trying to solve myself for a couple of weeks and getting nowhere.

First... I need to be able to load in a rtf file to a richtextbox control, and I need to be able to view ALL the text from that file on 1 page, so no scroll bars etc. I don't know whether progressively resizing the font will be the best way to do it, if it is, I don't know how to tell that it is now on 1 page...

The text being loaded in will all be the same font size, although may have different colours...

The other thing I need to do is to rotate it by 90 degrees... basically I'm outputting to a widescreen monitor that is going to be on it's side so I want the text to be the right way up, and I don't want the user to have to change the settings of graphics card to rotate it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Visual Basic General Richtextbox Orientation, and fit to screen

Feng Chen - MSFT

Hi Martin,

For your 1st question, I want to say: what if the file is too long to be viewed as only 1 page

For your 2nd quesion, what's your exactly mean by "rotate" Just rotate the richtextbox control Or also rotate the text in the control


Re: Visual Basic General Richtextbox Orientation, and fit to screen

Martin Thwaites

Appologies on looking like i've tried to bump this up, i'm not as i've actually just gone for the simple approach of just rotating the screen using the Nvidia NV rotate function...

I would still appreciate knowing if this could be done though.....

This answer to the first is that it won't be... they all vary in length.... but the idea is that they HAVE to be viewed on 1 page... fixed this using the TextMeasurer class... and some fancy formulas and then the ZoomFactor property.

What I actually want to do is print the text at 90 degrees, the idea is that when the monitor is then physically rotated the text will display correctly....

Thanks in advance...