I have two tables that are 1 to many. Textboxes access the table on the one side while a datagrid access the table on the many side. The tables are connected in a dataset with a relation, and the dataset references two data adapters. The problem is the delete key doesn't work. The backspace will work in all boxes and the datagrid but not the delete. It works in samples that I have, but I can't figure what is different in my form. I'm using VB 03.


Re: Visual Basic General Delete Key

Bruno Yu - MSFT


This article provide you the answer for your question. Please following the steps and try the sample code in the article below:

How to update a database from a DataSet object by using Visual Basic .NET

DataSet objects, a key part of data access in the Microsoft .NET Framework, are in-memory objects that can hold tables, views, and relationships. This article demonstrates how to take a DataSet that contains data (which is loaded from a database), modify that data, and then send it back to the database to update the original source.