I've been really struggling with the nuances of the webbrowser control.

Orginally I was having trouble getting interpretations of flash window urls and I'm using an extended webbrowser control for that. It's take care of.

But I really need a mousedown event. I'm very familiar with the technique of creating loading an HTMLDOC from wb.doc on a document completed event. I use that in my application.

However there is this page that I cannot get to work fully which

After cliscking the first box on the left and getting the box, there is no document completed event and therefore no htmldoc is loaded and I loose my abiltity to detect a mouse down.

I really need a real event to tell me when there is a mousedown even over the webbrowser client window.

Can anyone help me this. Wndproc does not get mousedown messages because of the flags set in the webbrowser's STYLE.

Please help.

Re: Visual Basic General webbrowser control and mousedown events


The answer to this is that is not good way to do this. Finally, I used some history in my code to identify if something is intentional or not.