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So i made a program for this website. But i don't want the users to have to go threw the hassle of having to download .NET Framework just to run it. (Some use this program on Work Computers where they have restrictions on what can be installed)

I am using Visual Basic 2005 Express and would like to know how to build to program to include all files needed to run so the other DO NOT have to install .NET Framework.

Re: Visual Basic General Running EXE without Framework

Amol A. Vaidya


The .NET Framework is essentially required to be installed on the machine where your .NET Application would be physically executing. However, you can chain the Framework installation to your application setup so that users do not have to install the framework individually on the machines. One setup and it's all done.

Here's how you can do that :


Look up at Chaining the Redistributable Package in your Application Setup



Re: Visual Basic General Running EXE without Framework


If you wish to run a VB.NET or a C# application it is dependent upon the .NET framework being installed on the machine. There is absolutely no way around this, it has to be there. If you want to create code that is not dependent upon the framework you may want to look at a language like C++.

That said, you can create a Click Once installation package which can be deployed from a web server, file share, CD etc. which as part of the deployment will use the .NET framework as a requirement - if its present on the machine the install just installs the application and any other files that are required. If the .NET framework isnt already installed it will install it as part of the setup and then you application will work. The next application that is installed - the framework is there and it wont try to install it again.

I'd suggest taking a look at click once, watch the following webcast and see if this is good for you.
http://www.dnrtv.com/default.aspx showID=31

Its simple and works well.