I have to purchase a Visual Basic .net 2005 Professional Software.

I have also to design the Software using UML in the VB.Net 2005 Professional.

I am not aware is the Software Architect Feautures are available in Professional Edition.

Is it possible to have the same feautures if i buy VS.NET 2005 + Visio 2003


I can buy the Software Architect Feauture in VB.NET 2005 Professional.

I need only 1 user licence for Development.

Can any one suggest about the Pricing & Availablity of the feautures.



Re: Visual Basic General Visual Basic .net Professional with Software Architect Feautures


What you are referring to is Visual Studio Team System for Software Architects. Team System is essentally Visual Studio Professional with added tools / features. You can see a breakdown of these features on the team system site:

I'm sure you could do the UML in Visio 2005 if you wanted to save some money. The whole selling point of Team System is the direct integration with Visual Studio and the underlying backend collaboration / project management features that come from having a Team Foundation Server (a powerful server component to team system) interacting with all of your Team System users.

For pricing, etc. it seems like you would want to contact your MS rep or go shopping online to see what you can find. Smile