The following code list all currently running processes except anything runing under alg.exe (Application level gateway). The process i'm after and the wowexec.exe appear under alg in the taskmgr....

Code Snippet

Dim processes() As Process = Process.GetProcesses

Me.ListBox1.DisplayMember = "ProcessName"

Me.ListBox1.DataSource = processes

ty for any ideas on how to reference or list all the process including the process under alg...

Re: Visual Basic General Missing processes. How to list them all???

Bruno Yu - MSFT


There is a thread with the solution written in J#. I hope that can help you, too:

Get process name using J# PostID=466271&SiteId=1

First Way
This way involves grabbing all the processes from your computer and iterating through all the running processes (the call to GetProcesses()) to find the one that you want. An example is below and it can easily be customised by replacing what process name it searches for.

Second Way
This way involves less code than the first way. It involves you knowing the name of the process, which is essentially the process executable without the ".exe" extension. As an example, if you wanted to check for "alg.exe" you would use "alg". As you know the name of the process being searched for, you can use the GetProcessByName() function.

Re: Visual Basic General Missing processes. How to list them all???


sorry that has the same defect.... It doesn't get the sub processes under alg.exe