I am using Sharepoint Designer to create a non-sharepoint aspx site. I am also new to aspx and someone of a rookie. Oh and I am developing on an XP Pro Desktop and viewing w/IIS and the ASPX Development Server w/IE 7.0 (I am not publishing to a server at this stage)

I created a couple of pages and associate them to a master page. All is working well to this point. If I stop and view each page, they look fine. However, I then created a login page and used the integrated login . When I save my work and attempt to publish in browser, all pages are now attempting to be secured.

Question 1. How can I unprotect certain pages

Also, all of my pages now appear to have lost the associated master.master. Another words my welcome page is blown up and in the middle of it, it has my login user id and password fields from my login.aspx page.

Question 2. Is this a bug or something I am doing wrong Not sure why it is not finding the master.master. All (6) pages are associated to master.master. I went back and rebuilt some of my pages and deleted all of the login information. Everything was looking good. As soon as I added the login to the site, it lost the master.master association.

I am somewhat fluent with MS Access and in the early days just created my tables, created the relationships and dropped the mdb in a secure folder on our webserver. However, the login.aspx is using MS SQL Express.

Question 3. If I create a database in MS SQL EXPRESS, will I be able to drag and drop the mdf on the server, or will I need to install SQL server express on the server Our web admin is rather strict about installing software. They are using asp pages from 1997 and Access 2k. I'm attempting to modernize things...

Re: SharePoint - Design and Customization Mutiple Questions Sorry for the one Post...



Re: # 1. Still looking for a simple answer to this. I know back in the ASP days, you simply placed code on top of a page. If the code was present, a user would pass/fail. Developing in ASPX still a little fuzzy how to allow anyomous access to users to welcome, who are we and contact us pages

Re: # 2. Whenever time expires or if the test user account logs out, is when the page is distorted. If logged in, everything looks great. Still not sure why or how to resolve this.

Re: # 3. I have been reading and understand SQL Express can be posted to a server folder w/ R/W access just like an MDB file from Access. That's good news.