I'm having a problem using the preceding-sibling in a conditional formatting condition.I have a secondary datasource that is a repeating table, and want to supress a column when it has the same value as the previous row's column, but the IP doesn't like my syntax.

The repeating table column's xpath is:
/dfs:myFields/dfsBig SmileataFields/tns:Get_ContactFlagsResponse/tns:Get_ContactFlagsResult/NewDataSet/ContactCategory/lu_Group

My attempts at the preceding syntax have been based on this syntax:


both raise the same error in the conditional formatting designer.
"preceding-sibling::ContactCategory/lu_Group" does not point to a valid location path of a field or group.

A good article from Greg Collins

Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming preceding-sibling error "...does not point to a valid location path of a field or group."


This works: preceding-sibling::*[1]/lu_Group