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Good Morning

I am just starting out doing development with sharepoint.

My initial requirement is to great a simple web page deployed via sharepoint. I have some data residing in a sql server 2005, I would like to display in a datagrid in a web page.

whats the stratagy for achieving this

Do I need to create a web part which is the datagrid and data source

and then bring this into the web parts gallery in sharepoint.

If so how do I create the web part (the visual web developer 2005 express edition does not seem to have web part wizard, do I need standard or pro edition , or can I create the web part some how else ie Front Page)

Prehaps there is a much simpler way to achieve this

Can you create a datasource from within sharepoint that links to sql server and drag and drop some how.

Is there a tutorial available for creating web pages in sharepoint that access a database

Lots of questions I know, any suggestions appreciated

ie links or suggested reading


David Hills

Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming sharepoint web page with datagrid/datasource to sql server


The details depend on which version of SharePoint (2 or 3) you are using but in general you can do this several ways:

1. Via the browser, add one of built in Office Web Components to a page, this will give you a subset of Excel spreadsheet, pivot table and/or pivot chart functionality, connect it to your DB and you will be in business, you can connect directly to an existing table or view or use a command containing your own SQL statement.

2. Add a Data View web part, you will need Front Page 2003 with WSS 2, or SharePoint Designer 2007 with WSS 3 to do this. The DataView web part is amazingly powerful and can group, sort, filter, and conditionally format your query results with no code. This web part is AWESOME. there are lots of bloggers that have some good demos

Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming sharepoint web page with datagrid/datasource to sql server

David Hills

Thanks for your reply

is it possible to use the data retrival services to access an oledb data source directly from WSS

with out going through Frontpage

If so , are there any examples out there


David Hills