Daniel J Segan

I have a customer who would like to implement a document archival system using MOSS 2007. The documents will be converted from paper and scanned and OCRed most likely using Adobe Acrobat resulting in a single PDF file for each physical document. These documents would then be moved into a document library(s) and connected to business data based on BDC lookup columns in the document library. Then, by using the PDF iFilter SharePoint can index this content and users will be able to search for documents based on keywords, text or related business data.

My question is as follows:

The customer would like to be able to see PDF thumbnails as they browse documents in the SharePoint site. The closest thing out of the box to this is the Image Library. My initial testing revealed that uploading a PDF to an Image Library doesnĄ¯t produce a thumbnail (as a GIF or JPEG does). Is there anything I can do to provide this functionality



Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion PDF Thumbnails in MOSS 2007?


As far as I can tell (I've looked into a similar issue,) this will require some development. You'd need a server side process (timer or document conversion process, possibly) generating thumbnails that are related to the document. You would then want to customize search results to use thumbnails and also have customized web parts that can display the thumbnails - all in all, quite a bit of work, depending on where you want to see the thumbnails.